Medicine, Mind and Adolescence, 1993 - 1994 - VIII, 2 - IX,1

Introduction to the Congress : "Assisi 93: Make Peace with Life"

Prospero Francesco Calzolari

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The First International Congress of Adolescentology "Assisi 93: Make Peace with Life", organized by the Italian Society of Adolescentology, which saw the presence of rappresentatives from 21 countries all over the world, proposed to suggest a reflection on the question which particularily concerns the adolescent, and more precisely "What is the sense of my life?".

If, with birth, man begins to relate with the external world, in his second birth, adolescence, man begins to relate with himself.

In today's culture, it is the youth who very frequently pays for the gluttony of the adult world's pseudoreality, a world which attacks that of the affection received during the first infancy.

A great deal of the conflictuality between youths and adults derives from the fact that adults often assume their own lifestyle as accomplished and perfect. Too often doctors, relatives, teachers forget that they are facing a person, who is organizing a new lifestyle, along with his new identity, who needs to be someone, who needs to love and be loved.

The Italian Society of Adolescentology, in this context, goes "against the flow", especially in the ethical premises, first of which is the defense for life, from conception until death.

New methodologies and prospects will be proposed in more sessions, the Universal Declaration of Youth's Rights and Duties was introduced, with a recognition to Equador, which was the first to officially acknowledge it.

Prospero Francesco Calzolari: Introduction to the First International Congress of Adolescentology, Assisi, Italy, October 22-24, 1993.

Key Words: Adolescentology, Sense of Life, Identity, Pseudoreality, Universal Declaration

Prospero Francesco Calzolari: Paediatrician-Adolescentologist, S.I.Ad. Ambassador in Assisi.

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